Every Child Is A Different Kind Of Flower, And All Together, Make This World A Beautiful Garden.

School yoga

MAF Spirit has been teaching yoga in schools for moree than 8 years. The combination of movement, awareness and breathing helps the children to create the necessary rest in the body and head. During the class, the children learn different yoga postures and how to combine them. They are encouraged to apply the postures at home, for example the evening before an important test or in between homework.

A child develops through play, the ability to discover and express himself, to think about it and to connect with the world. The children may be who they are, everyone is unique and has his / her qualities. They receive loving support and recognition for who they are.

The breathing techniques that Mariam offers as a Respiratory Therapist helps the children to find peace in the storm. Her unique way of working and the gift to create a ‘safe framework’ overalls and to invite the children to let go of everything, makes her classes more than a yoga class.

Our concept has now been tasted and approved by many schools. Are you as a school interested in our concept?
Then be sure to contact us, we are happy to visit you for a no-obligation conversation!

Schools where we are
currently active

  • GILKO Kloosterstraat Merelbeke
  • GILKO Bergwegel Merelbeke
  • GILKO Lemberge Merelbeke
  • KLIM Sint-Pieters Outside Ghent
  • Saint Joseph Mere
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